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Kognito's Friend2Friend Curriculum for secondary students is an interactive skill based approach to core prevention and wellness topics. The program includes three modules: Emotional & Mental Wellness, Substance Use and Safe & Caring Schools. Each module is made up of an online experiential portion that features simulated practice scenarios as well as lesson plans and discussion guides to extend the learning.

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Friend2Friend Bundle

Prepare youth to navigate mental health challenges faced by themselves and their peers through reducing stigma and normalizing help-seeking behavior.


– Learn about mental health and wellness while reducing stigma
– Identify warning signs of psychological distress, including verbal, behavioral, and situational clues
– Build skills in how to approach a peer in a manner to motivate them to access support
– Become comfortable asking a friend if they are thinking about suicide

Prevent substance misuse now and later in life by giving students the tools to better navigate real-life situations involving substances.

– Identify substance misuse and support services and ways to resist peer pressures and stay safe
– Understand positive self-concept, positive social norms, healthy and unhealthy coping strategies, and refusal skills
– Apply communication skills to help a friend
– Analyze risks associated with substance use
– Reflect on personal values and goals
– Evaluate which refusal skills to use to manage a situation involving substances

Reduce school violence through recognition of concerning behaviors and open communication between students and adults.


– Identify own emotions and those of others as they relate to concerns including bullying, harassment, self-harm, and threats
– Recognize when the actions or statements of peers need to be shared with adults
– Investigate ways to encourage a peer in distress to open up to an adult
– Recognize role in creating a safe and supportive school climate
– Feel comfortable and empowered to share concerns with an adult
– Understand potential resources and the roles of trusted adults

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