Breakthrough Public Schools - At-Risk for Middle School Educators & Trauma Informed Practices




• At-Risk for Middle School Educators (10 Licenses)

A 1-hour online professional development program that prepares middle school personnel to identify, approach, and refer middle school-aged students who may be at risk for psychological distress. The training uses uniquely effective and engaging educational gaming technology where users learn by engaging in conversations with emotionally responsive student avatars that show signs of psychological distress including depression, anxiety, substance abuse and thoughts of suicide. This course is listed in the SPRC/AFSP Best Practices Registry. For more information about this course, please click here.


• Trauma Informed Practices for K-12 Schools (10 Licenses)

A 25-minute interactive role-play simulation that builds the awareness, knowledge, and skills educators need to recognize and support students at risk for psychological distress due to mental health issues of trauma.

The Trauma-Informed Practices simulation offers three discrete core experiences depending on the grade level you teach: elementary, middle, or high school. The simulation also includes 21 minutes of additional practice.

For more information about this simulation, please click here.