At-Risk in Primary Care - Oklahoma



Kognito designed At-Risk in Primary Care, a CME and CNE approved online training simulation, to help prepare primary care providers to recognize when a patient's physical ailments may be masking underlying trauma-related mental health disorders such as PTSD or depression and how to build a treatment plan that engages the patient and integrates mental health so that the causes of the symptoms are addressed and treated.

Kognito's At-Risk simulation enables providers to navigate challenging conversations with emotionally responsive, fully animated patient avatars that act and respond like real patients in distress. This approach enables providers to learn practical and time-efficient techniques to effectively identify and manage the treatment of patients.

Providers also learn to:

Identify warning Signs
Discuss treatment options
Engage in collaborative decision-making
Conduct follow-up care
Apply effective conversation tactics to increase patient engagement, trust, and adherence to treatment plans.

The At-Risk in Primary Care program is available online and 60 minutes long, divided into modules of 10-20 minutes each. The training may be completed in one sitting or over time. Learners who successfully complete the training are eligible for 1.50 CME or CNE credit.

NOTE: The course login access information will be emailed within one business day of purchase. The license will remain active for 1 year after purchase and is valid for one user. A downloadable, printable certificate of completion will be awarded upon completion of the training.