TNTP Principal Training



One of a school leader’s most important roles is to help teachers improve instruction through meaningful, actionable feedback on their performance in the classroom. Developed in consultation with high-performing school administrators and teacher coaches, TNTP's Delivering Performance Feedback to Teachers provides engaging, focused training on how to make the most of their post-observation feedback conversations with teachers.

Users walk through a 5-step feedback framework and apply it in simulated conversation with two teachers, adapting their approach with the help of targeted coaching on key decisions. This authentic practice environment provides a safe space for educators to try new approaches to delivering feedback, honing skills that they can use in their schools right away.

This brief online simulation is designed to work within a school leader’s busy schedule. A 2013 research study comparing training delivery models showed that online training is equally effective as in-person training for learning content. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.

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